About Us

1-800-MI-HERIDA ® is owned by PhD Telecom. Founded in 2002, we provide business-to-business telecommunications and advertising consulting services. We assist you in developing a focused marketing plan in your area, striving to provide our clients with a low-cost advertising tool that will increase advertising response rates.

PhD Telecom does not provide legal advice. We simply license the use of the phone number to individual attorneys on a shared-use basis. The caller is routed to the office of a participating attorney based on the geographical location (selected by area code) where the call originated. A cell phone caller will connect to the licensee of the geographical region where the cell phone is based, regardless of the physical location of the cell phone caller.


You should always consult a licensed attorney in your state for legal advice concerning your situation. No endorsement or warranty is expressed or implied and we do not assume any liability for advice given or services rendered by any attorney using 1-800-MI-HERIDA ®. Should you have a dispute with any attorney using our service, you must address such dispute with the attorney only, and in no event shall PhD Telecom, its officers, or employees have any liability for incidental or consequential damages.

1-800-MI-HERIDA ® is a registered trademark of PhD Enterprises, LLC.